Waikato Aggregates (WAL) is in the middle of another busy season supplying its clients high-quality product.

As the major supplier to the Auckland Turf market, a large quantity of our product heads north every day to assist in the building and repair of Auckland cities sports fields and parks. WAL has been supplying this market for several years now and is a preferred supplier due to the nature of our deposit, we do not dredge our sand from the river  so we are one of the few quarries that can guarantee our product is free of the highly destructive 'Nut Weed" that is inherent in any dredged sand. This operation requires a very stringent testing regime of our product and a high level of organisation to make sure the contractors receive their orders on time - every time!

Also as a supplier to multiple concrete plants throughout the greater Waikato WAL knows how important it is to supply 'in spec' product every day, we have very stringent testing regimes and all products are tested monthly by Opus international to ensure only top quality product leaves our gates.